Re: CVS alternatives?

From: Christopher Browne (
Date: 07/21/03

Date: 21 Jul 2003 12:47:03 GMT

Harald Grossauer <> writes:
> We are soon starting a project where several people have to edit the same
> files at the same time. The only "source file" management system I have
> heard of yet until now is CVS. Many people told me that they have had lots
> of trouble with it, that it is difficult and cumbersome to use. Is that
> true? Is there an alternative?

There are some problems with it, though they don't usually show up
until you have multiple code repositories that you are trying to

Alternatives include:

 - Aegis
 - Arch
 - BitBucket
 - Bitkeeper
 - OpenCM
 - Subversion

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