Tomcat 4.1 memory hog

From: Glen Cumming (
Date: 09/03/03

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    Date: 3 Sep 2003 03:37:07 -0700


    Have been using Tomcat 3.3.1 under redhat 6.2 quite successfully
    (using ibm java 1.3).

    Am upgrading to use redhat 7.3, ibm java 1.4 and tomcat 4.1.

    Using tomcat 3.3.1 the memory usage is around 30-40 meg mark (when
    used lightly), when using tomcat 4.1 its around 140-150 meg.

    Is this normal?

    This is not a big server, its only supposed to handle requests for a
    few users and therefore its not got a huge amount of memory - 256 meg
    max which is shared with other processes, so tomcat memory usage is a
    bit over the top.

    I've also tried using the AJP13 connectors but these often report out
    of memory and pages only half load.

    I know that I can increase the max memory usage of java, but I don't
    want to do that, I want to reduce the size of tomcat - I've tried
    reducing the number of threads for the connectors but to no avail.

    Is tomcat 4 just a memory hog or have I configured something
    incorrectly (just one web app configured) - I can stick with 3.3.1 but
    I wanted to go latest and greatest and also this means I have no
    upgrade path!

    Cheers for any help,


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