Re: Best Gui (X11) library ?

From: Carlos Moreno (
Date: 11/14/03

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 23:34:09 -0500

Duric wrote:

> I will study wxWindows...It seems to be a goob lib (even if i'm not
> really good in C++. Perhaps time to start with C++ ?!)

Why not?! Anything is a good excuse to get started with C++ :-)

> BTW, GTK seems to be a good one too (Gnome is my default environment),
> but I've read somewhere GTK is unstable under windows ? (Do you
> confirm ?)

I think it is true. With wxWindows, you do have the advantage that
it is cross-platform and has the native look-n-feel; i.e., when
used in MS Windows, the library translates (wraps) your code to
the native Win32 API's (your code being exactly the same as you
would compile for Linux, of course)

You'll probably have a hard time getting used to the wxWindows
idioms, given that this comes together with getting used to C++
idioms. But it is well worth the effort. wxWindows is an awesome
piece of software!

I wrote an introductory tutorial on wxWindows that you may find
helpful (it was published in the C++ Users Journal two years ago).
I haven't polished it yet (the version on my web page, that is),
but the contents should be useful: