Compiling Assembly files (.S) in KDevelop Project

From: Ganesh Kumar (
Date: 02/09/04

Date: 9 Feb 2004 03:18:06 -0800

hi all,
  I'm working on KDevelop, my Project includes some assembly files
which I need to build the ultimate executable.
But the problem is when I build the whole target, the Makefile enters
Assembly src files directory n simply leaves that without makeing them
OBJs, I donno why, I was thinking of modifying the Makefiles but
whenever I
Build or Rebuild , all the Makefiles are overwritten by KDevelop,
pls help me out..
I've subscribed to the mailing list also, but
not able
to get my prob solved, is there any other mailing lists relating to
Thanx in advance!!!!