Re: QUESTION: binaries on LINUX

From: Kasper Dupont (
Date: 04/29/04

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    Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 06:58:08 +0200

    Christian Langis wrote:
    > We soon realized that within the same LINUX family (RedHat), there also
    > are portability issues. For example, between RedHat8 and RedHat9, the
    > dynamic C library 2.9x was phased out in favor of 3.0.
    > It must have been a major change since what was compiled on RH8 does not
    > run on RH9 and vice versa.

    Notice that Red Hat no longer supports RH8 and will stop
    providing updates for RH9 in a few days.

    > The Linux rookie that I am thought that it did not matter since this C
    > library is dynamic. I thought our executable would bind with the default
    > dynamic C library installed on the system and live happily together
    > (just like with a DLL in the wonderful world of Windows).

    It will work, unless you use something extraordinary. For
    example I have a closed source program installed, which I
    have been using since RH6.2 and it still works with Fedora
    Core 1.

    > It was not so. Later I learned the in the executable, there is a precise
    > inscription of what version of library it should bind to, and no other...
    > So the questions are
    > -Is it possible to release one executable that will run on all RedHats,
    > or better, all Linuxes?

    There are different possibilities. You could avoid using
    any libraries at all. Of course that would be extra work,
    and less portable. Or you could statically link the
    program, but then you need to read the license for the
    libraries very carefully.

    > -If not then what else (other than opensource...)?

    Ship the object files and let people link it on their
    own system.

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