Re: new to programming in Linux

From: bob holder (holder25AThotmailDOTcom)
Date: 06/18/04

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 14:48:27 GMT

"Roger Leigh" <${roger}> wrote in message
> On 2004-06-18, Pasi Parviainen <> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Roger Leigh wrote:
> >
> >> On 2004-06-16, Tim <> wrote:
> >>
> >>>Java seems attractive, probably because Ive heard of it. Is it
possible to
> >>>write good, fast programs in Java?
> >>
> >> "Fast" and Java don't generally go together. I've only dabbled a
> >> little, but even the simplest interfaces (dialog with a close button)
> >> were slow.
> > People should really look the numbers and forget old mantra "Java is
> If my own experience shows it to perform like a dog, why should other
> peoples measurements make it better? That won't make it work for me,
> will it?
> The test program was three dialogs: two which were simple entries to
> enter numbers, and one to display a result (the two numbers multiplied
> together). So each dialog was either a label or entry, plus an OK
> button. Each dialog took 2-3 second to display. That's unacceptable:
> if this was GTK+, it would be nearly instantaneous.
> If it's that bad for a trivial dialog, I can't bear to think about how
> bad a real application will be. (Those I have seen did not perform
> well.)
> > Take pointers (for example) from here:
> >
> Benchmarks are useless. Sure, under some workloads, it's OK. But the
> performance of Swing was laughable.
> Some of those benchmarks show Java can be OK. But that wasn't my point.
> My point was that Swing was so slow as to be barely usable. I tested
> on both Windows and Linux.
> >> The SunONE IDE was completely unusable on my PIII 900MHz
> >> laptop.
> > Memory, eh? The most significant thing for Java slowness is short of
> > system memory.
> 256 MiB core and 512 MiB swap should be enough for one program! This
> was on a Windows machine, BTW. That is more than average, and if it
> can't run in that much, that's not acceptable.
> --
> Roger Leigh

I run Eclipse 3.0 on my 2.8 GHz dual xeon with 2GB memory. While it is
"usable" I shudder to think about using a lesser platform. Running native
apps like kdevelop and designer, things zip right along. If the original
poster is looking for a nice IDE environment I can recommend Eclipse, but be
prepared to cough up the hardware. I am using it for both java and c++ work.
I have not tried the gui builder plugin so for building dialogs so I cannot
testify about the performance. I recommend learning about the linux api to
get a handle on the basics of linux programming, and then move up the food
chain to an IDE style tool. Once there you will have a better understanding
of things when they go wrong and all you get is some IDE pretty dialog box
telling you "something bad happened". Good luck.

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