Re: Which is the best editor for linux c++??

From: Alvin Beach (reply_to_at_the_newsgroup.please)
Date: 02/01/05

Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 00:08:57 GMT wrote:

> Hye,
> I am migrating myself from MS vc++ to linux c++ programming.. So,
> which editor (gui builder) according to you would be the best for me..
> I want the editor should be having functionality like MS VC++ 6.0 but
> don't expect more than that...

I would say the closest would be KDevelop as the IDE and using it's
integrated QT GUI toolkit.

More than likely if your Linux distro already has KDevelop as an install
option. Check it out by doing some of the tutorials. Here is a good, quick
tutorial using KDevelop and QT:

If you code carefully, a single app written in QT will also compile and run
in Windows (and Mac too I think) by simply just recompiling the program :).



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