Re: dropped imake, now what is the best way to convert existing Imakefile so it can be used with automake et all?

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Jan Panteltje <pNaonStpealmtje@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On a sunny day (Sat, 31 Dec 2005 00:14:52 +1100) it happened Russell Shaw
> <rjshawN_o@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
> <cfof83-6h3.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>Jan Panteltje wrote:
>>> All my X windows applications use imake (Imakefile and xmkmf).
>>> I have read somewhere that in the latest X release from
>>> imake is no longer supported, and automake should be used.
>>> That would for require me to release versions for that.
>>> What is the shortest path to go from an imake file to a makefile
>>> or whatever (I dunno) that automake uses?
>>> And why do they create this incompatibility? Imake worked just fine
>>> (at least for me), and was very simple to use.
>>> Feels a bit like leaving tgz for rpm ... marketing move?
>>Well, with practically no documentation on how to use it,
>>modify it, or how it works, it was about as useful as tits
>>on a bull. Maybe if someone had written a manual for it, it
>>might have lasted a bit longer;)

> Yes, tha tis the impression I am getting from autoscan automake
> aclocalconfigure

There is an excellent manual, and there are whole books dedicated to
it (

> I just did some web searching and there seem to be nnn different
> versions of those tools.

There are older, incompatible, versions (autoconf 2.13 and automake
1.4). You should just use the latest (autoconf 1.59, automake 1.9).

> I actually managed to create a working configure and executable
> starting from and

Cool, congrats!

> Imake (xmkmf) 2^32 times easier to use.
> And that is only 2^32 because I am on a 32 bits system :-)
> What a lot of crap files that automake autoscan autoconf aclocal shit makes.

That's the "magic portability glue" :) Actually, this is because
configure can't use shell functions. In a future release of autoconf,
I think this will be relaxed. It will make things rather more space
efficient, and also run faster. IIRC libtool already does this.

> Maybe my users should just install XFree and imake, their problem,
> not mine.
> 'For this program to compile you have to update to Xfree from'.

Once imake is obsoleted, how are you going to continue using it? If
it doesn't come with the X built, it won't know the details of your X


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