Re: Trolltech QT license question

David Schwartz wrote:
"stork" <stork@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1140187390.778508.15900@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You need to have a commercial license. The QT license for open source
requires that you use a GPL or GPL equivalent open source license in
order to qualify for free distribution. You are distributing a
closed source, commercial application, for sale, and therefor, you
should pony up.

Now, for the ones that you give away for your own associates, if they
are employees, you -might- not need a license for them. But, if your
intent is to give away promotional copies of your software without
opening it up, I would say that you need to have the license.

This is a fairly clear cut case of copyright violation, if you don't.

You are assuming his product will be a derived work of QT. It may be possible to arrange his project so that it is not a derived work but a mere aggregate, dynamically linking to the QT library without containing any of it. In that case, he can use the library under the GPL, distributing only the source code to the library.

Note that this is *NOT* as simple as dynamically linking. For example, if your source code includes TrollTech header files, your compiled executable may well be a derivative work even if it dynamically links. It may take quite a bit of isolation to ensure that your executable does not contain any of the covered work

It's still an open question wether this will still count as "derived work".