Re: Trolltech QT license question

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That's is such total bullshit. If Trolltech is trying to capitalize on
the popularity of the GPL while refusing to honor its spirit, they are the
ones you are ripping people off

There's nothing about a person's marketing that conferrs upon you the
right to steal their stuff. You either like the product or you don't.
If you like the product, then why not enter into a contract in good
faith, that is, honor the license?

I'm not stealing it, they're giving it to me.

And what the hell is up with the "free software" community arguing that
taking the absolute minimum you need to interoperate isn't fair use even
when courts seem to think it is?

I'm not a member of the Free Software Community. I have several closed
source products for Windows and I'm willing to make open source
products for Linux, because I have a business model that I hope will
support it. I believe in private property and strong intellectual

Me too.