Re: Is stork a troll? (was Re: Trolltech QT license question)

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Given that stork's B.S. arrived in sync
with a massive Microsoft push to FUD the issues of licenses (I'm
seeing it many places), I'm thinking this may be more of same. Time
to visit the kill file.

How can you say that I'm in bed with MS when I'm the one that is
arguing a pro-open source developer point of view of the GPL and
defending Trolltech's interpretation of it?

Because you are arguing for a significantly narrower view of first sale
and fair use rights. This likely benefits those who wish to develop
proprietary software and interfaces more than it benefits the *real* open
source community.

I don't see anyone else
running comparisons of KDevelop vs Visual Studio 2005 on their blogs
for C++ programming and I don't see anyone else running articles that
explain how to migrate from Windows to Linux for those familiar with
Visual Studio. So, go ahead and killfile me, but you are sticking up
for the wrong side.

What's the point if Linux isn't free as in freedom?