Re: Is stork a troll? (was Re: Trolltech QT license question)

Stork replied to:

For example, why can't I write a
poem, drop copies of it from an airplane, and then sue/charge everyone who
eads it?

Once again. If I drop the poems from an airplane, everyone can read
them. But, if someone copies that work or attempts to sell copies of
it, that's an IP violation.

Why should I have to give up any rights to charge for use just
ecause I give copies of my poem to everyone?

You don't. You gave away 500 poems, and thus, have 500 free users.
But those users cannot go and fire up a printing press to crank them
out. If I give you the latest Stephen King book, you don't get to just
put it on the internet as fair use.

Despite the fact that I've mentioned this absurdity in your reasoning at
east five times, you've never addressed it.

And as I've repeatedly said, you are drawing false conclusions by using
a confused definition of "use".