Re: Associatin C program with kernel compilation

sam.luther@xxxxxxxxx writes:

I was assigned a task of developin a product to transfer files
over the serial port of a PC which I had done so using C programs. But
my TA thinks it is too simple so wants me to make the assignment look
complicated by bringing in the kernel compilation somehow. All he wants
is that my program should contain something...anything.. which calls
for the compilation of the kernel. Iam plannin either to create a
system call or develop a own simple protocol. Can i compile the kernel
with these programs??

Were you given a specific task, which you solved, and are now being
told the solution is too simple? If your TA told you that, he should
go straight back to CS101. Maybe next time he'll get a clue about
what makes a good assignment.

Måns Rullgård