Re: In general, how long does it take to read/study the linux kernel source code?

Alvin wrote:
Jack wrote:

Thanks a lot.
I have knowledge of theory of operating system. But I have never
studied source code.
I am interested in it. So I want to generally how long it takes to
study the source code.


Any reason why Linux? With an OS theory background, I'd suggest you take a
look at Minix. It's smaller and simpler. Though the kernel design is
different, it may be easier/quicker to pickup. Once you understand how
Minix works, it may make understanding the Linux kernel easier. I'm not
suggesting that the two are comparable as the kernel methodologies of the
two are disjoint. I recommend Minix because it is a smaller/simpler OS that
may give you the experience you need to tackle something as complex as the
Linux kernel.
I'd recommend Plan 9 rather, if you want to study an OS.