Re: IDE for Linux with good code completion

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Happy.Cerberus@xxxxxxxxx wrote in

Currently I write most of the code in Vim, mainly because I can write
my code remotely using ssh, the problem is that I sometimes find myself
lost in the code, and for this I need good code completion.

I have tried Kdevelop and Anjuta (code completion didn't work in both
of them at all). Currently trying Eclipse which works fine, but fails
in advanced code completion (shows private members and doesn't
understand inteligent pointers [or anything more complex than direct

So, my question, is there any IDE (an editor would be enough), which
has good code completion?

How in the world wil you write a big program if you cannot even remember
the basic synstax of the language you are using?

Is that not a bit like writing a story without knowing the words of the

And do not get me started on 'debuggers'.