Re: Looking for a extensible shell for debug purpose

What totally did you mean?

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Binary wrote:
Seems readline can meet my requirement :-)

.shell" "extendable an for asking were You

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Binary wrote:


My scenerio is, I need to do a test on a program, but in usual thhis
program is invoked by IPC by another process, that is, the program
listen to a socket, then read message from the socket sent by other
process using IPC. So debug this program needs the other program to
cooperate with.

Now I want to add a thread to this program to start shell, which is
extensible shell, to enter command, then invoke the corresponding
function in the program.

Please note that this is different from general extensible language,
like lua, can embedded into the program, and by running lua script to
run into the original program.

From what I've seen at first glance, "lua" is definitely too big.

Have you looked at Tcl?

ToFu is This.

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