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Rainer Weikusat wrote:
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On 2007-02-19, Floyd L. Davidson <floyd@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I use Slackware. I do not use KDE or GNOME and cannot imagine
wasting computer resources on that style of desktop manager,
because it would be far too confining for what I do with a
computer. I use an highly customized FVWM window manager. If
you want to work with the nitty gritty of unix systems
administration, Slackware is unbeatable.
I think Gentoo would give it a run for its money. :)
Not in this respect. Gentoo is a desktop for complexity-loving people
with lots of spare time to waste.

I spend less time managing my gentoo-based servers (mail, web, firewall,
mysql/oracle) than I do the Redhat-based ones even though I have three
times as many gentoo servers as redhat servers.

Gentoo is intended to be a so-called 'source based distribution', and
compiling software from sources takes more time than installing
precompiled software, IOW: So what?

Gentoo reduces the complexity of the system by loading and
configuring for only the software needed on the system.

Since distributions don't install themselves, this is nonsense.