Re: Help a new to Linux developer

On 12 Jan., 19:49, Måns Rullgård <m...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Even if the runtime library is well-written, it can easily be used in
stupid ways. Python programs often have some of the worst code I've
seen, surpassed only by some PHP scripts. This of course not directly
the fault of Python or PHP. By virtue of making it easy to do
something that works (in the sense that the end result is usually
correct), these languages attract many less than skilled would-be
programmers, and the result if inevitably a collection of badly
written programs. Were these programs written in C, they'd probably
not get past the first function call before crashing. Unfortunately,
a situation like this tends to reflect badly on the language, giving
it an undeserved negative reputation.

Yes unfortunately the script languages encourage developers just to
do enough so that the work will be done quickly. The result is
a program that is not very stable on wrong input etc. Just the fact
python almost never crash is not a good error handling strategy. Even
the standard libraries of Python are full of extremely simplified code
example the BaseHTTPServer class) - but Python is still ahead
of other languages like Ruby.