Re: Reading someone else's source...?

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I've started a personal project and I'm trying to modify some
program (no license stuff involved, it's all private dev, bla bla).
So, I've opened the code in my favorite editor and pffff.... well,
I'm trying hard to understand but what I read in the source doesn't
(yet) fit with what I see when running the program.

I'm wondering. Could the use of debugger help me understand (like
"You are here" kind of thing) ? If so, I'd probably use gdb, unless
you guys come up with other suggestions...

I would rather embed output statements (eg printf) to help with
runtime control flow analysis.

I'm reading through the manual of gdb and I think a mixture of the two
techniques would be best...

... and you are wrong.

Excellent, brief yet probably the most constructive post ever seen

What do you expect when you ask not very intelligent beginner's
questions and immediatly start to argue with people who take the time
to answer them?