Re: Is a binary with this libraries portable


we had the "portable Application" Discussion a few days back. This
concept is a completely Windows one, as the problems to overcome are
Windows ones. On any Unix variant (which Linux is) you are not even
guaranteed that the user will use the same Operating System. Your
application may be run on Ubuntu Linux as well as FreeBSD Unix or
Solaris - and then on any CPU type these OS run on: 32-bit, 64-bit,
Intel-Compatible, SPARC, PowerPC, whatever.

So "portable" in the Unix world refers to a source package which is as
platform-independent as you can make it. If you don't want to distribute
your source you can try for Java but then Java can be disassembled easily.

Sorry, after some really bad experience in the windows world last year,
I'm rather fed up with that topic...



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