Need small programming languages

Hello, I am now finally moving to linux from windows. I am ok with
using Linux, but I do not know much about what programming tools are
available. What I am looking for is some programming tools that meet
a few specific criteria.

1) Easy to download/install/configure on a debian distribution. In
other words, not requiring me to download a bunch of other stuff in
order to get said compiler to work.

2) Standalone executables. I'm just not a big fan of the whole .net/
java thing. I want stand-alone binaries (and preferably small ones.)

3) Not a huge package with millions of files and a full-scale ide and
whatnot. I tried downloading free pascal, but it's just too much of a
monster to download and configure.

I'm looking for something that would be similar to rapiq-q or AutoIt 3
on the windows platform. Just something that is easy to set up and can
be used to create small utilities with.