Re: How to change my c++ program's icon?

Dos-Man 64 wrote:

On Sep 21, 11:32 pm, Ryan McCoskrie <ryan.mccosk...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Dos-Man 64 wrote:
Is there some way to change the icon of a program compiled with gcc or
g++? I didn't see any compiler options in the man pages. Perhaps the
linker has a switch?

There is no icon compiled into it unless you place one there yourself.
Adding things like that is not the role of the compiler or linker.

What widget set are you working with?

None. This is just a traditional c++ terminal application without any

Still, if it was a say a gtk+ app, none of the books I got demonstrate
a method of changing the icon of the executable. I also had some
trouble changing the default application icon for free pascal
applications designed with lazarus. Not sure what the problem was;
just didn't seem to work. Also couldn't change the form.icon property.

I think the best advise here is forget everything you know about

_ALL_ of it.

Search for "Unix programming"[2] on the web.
Start learning again.

[1] I had to do this as well a while ago.
[2] This will mostly be C and shell script but
the principles are mainly what you need to