need help with a linux 'image server'

From: Lindon (
Date: 07/10/03

Date: 10 Jul 2003 11:09:21 -0700

Here's the setup: We have a Linux machine with a standard frame
grabber card connected to a NTSC format CCD camera. The language is C.
We can already grab frames from a single (local) application using a
driver from 'Linux for Video' (") for our
grabber card.

What we would like to do is make real time images from the frame
grabber card avalible to multiple users, except the Linux for Video
driver doesn't seem to support multiple programs accessing the same
grabber at the same time. What would be a simple solution for this?

We were thinking: Have a single 'image server' application that deals
with grabbing the frames from the camera, and making it avalible to
multiple programs, both local and networked. (So a program could call
'getframe' or something and get a frame).

Problem: what would be the most logical design for such a server? I
want to minimize the amount of linux-api level programming, perhaps by
using prewritten software.

Any help would be very much appreciated,