Re: Chinese V-Dragon processor running Midori Linux

From: totojepast (
Date: 07/29/03

Date: 28 Jul 2003 23:09:47 -0700

> > I was amazed when I've read some information about the Chinese
> > V-Dragon processor running Midori Linux:
> >
> >
> > They claim IBM helped them to design the processor - does it mean it
> > is PowerPC-based?
> It is RISC-based:

Well, this is too vague: Some processors are CISC-based (like x86, Z80
etc.), while other are RISC-based (like Sparc, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC). So
I would like to know if the V-Dragon processor is based on some
particular family of the RISC processors or if it was designed from
scratch. The Chinese have licensed some MIPS designs and IBM is a
producer of PowerPC. So I'd bet the design is either MIPS-based,
PowerPC-based or something brand new. I am sure it is not based on
Sparc, ARM or x86. Am I right?