Re: GNU License Question, On Change of Code

From: Larry I Smith (
Date: 02/01/05

Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 00:45:00 GMT wrote:
> Hi,
> If we made some changes to some GNU free distributed software. Are we
> obligated to make our changes available to public ?
> Be specific, we are building a special website, and for that, we make
> changes in httpd source code. Any experience users who visit our
> website will know that we made some changes to httpd source code. Are
> we obligated to make our changes (in source code )available to general
> public ? (Since it took lots of our time and works, we certainly want
> to avoid it). However, we are not sure if we completely understand the
> requirement of GNU license.
> Thanks.

If the 'httpd' referenced in your message is Apache, then the
Apache license applies, not the GPL.

Read the license that applies to the code you changed. If
you don't understand it, get a lawyer to help.


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