Re: Strong Arm and linux related.

From: Grant Edwards (
Date: 02/21/05

Date: 21 Feb 2005 22:19:37 GMT

On 2005-02-21, Tris Orendorff <> wrote:

>>>> Is there a simulator version of linux meant for Strong Arm
>>>> Processor which can be run on Desktop PC.
>> Can you be a tiny bit more specific? I know about the ARM
>> instruction set simulator that comes with GDB, but I wasn't
>> aware than GCC included a simulator that could run Linux.
> Sorry to be misleading but I misunderstood the question and
> gave information for a cross-compiler, not a simulator.

It may be that's what he is looking for. If that's the case,
there are a number of places one can download SA toolchains for
use on an IA32 Linux host. Intel, for one, has them. It's not
all that hard to build one from scratch. is a good resource.

> Most of the people I know who are working with ARM have a
> processor card in their PC for testing purposes. Google for
> "linux for arm processor" to see more.

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