umount extension scripts

From: JF Larvoire (
Date: 02/24/05

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 19:47:32 +0100


I'm working on file systems. (Experimenting on Lustre)

The mount command supports extensions based on the file system type:
"mount -t TYPE..." will call the program /sbin/mount.TYPE
This is used for example by Samba, and "mount -t smb" calls /sbin/mount.smb.

We've used this mechanism successfully for our case.

But unfortunately we'd need a symetric extension for the umount program...
... and this is not implemented in umount.
Actually when we look in umount sources, it's implemented, but

We built a modified version of umount with this, and it works nicely.

So we wonder why this did not make it into the standard distributions.
Is there a good reason why this was commented-out?

Another thing we though of is to extend this mechanism by adding another set
optional scripts:
preparation scripts called before the mount,
and cleanup scripts called after the umount.
But contrary to the existing extensions, these scripts would return, and let
rest of the job be done by mount/umount.
This would avoid duplicating in our scripts much code from mount/umount,
with all the risks of incompatibilities, etc.
Any comment?


PS. And is there a news group dedicated to file system developments?