Re: Linux development API

From: Grant Edwards (
Date: 04/08/05

Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 18:44:45 -0000

On 2005-04-08, Edward Diener <> wrote:

> Where does one normally find the documentation to the core
> functions of the Linux API?

The "Linux API" is a set of kernel system calls that have to be
made using assembly language in an architecture-specific
manner. Are you sure that's what you want? If so, here are a
couple places to start:

> Is this documentation basically the same for each Linux
> distribution ?


> I would like to write some programs for Linux, and need to
> study the Linux API in order to do so.

Unless you're working deep inside the internals of glibc, you
probably do not need to use the Linux API. If you're write a
normal user application, you probably want to use the various
libraries starting with glibc:

Better yet, you should probably start by familiarize yourself
with programming from a general Unix/Posix point of view:

_Advanced_Programming_in_the_UNIX(R)_Environment_ by Stevens is
one of the canonical sources:

If you could be a bit more specific on what language you're
using and what sorts of applications you want to write, we
could probably be of more help.

> I realize that each language implementation almost certainly
> has their own library of these core functions but I also
> imagine that these core functions exist as API procedure calls
> and the documentation for them must exist somewhere. I also
> realize that the documentation for the core functionality of
> Linux may be quite large so I imagine that documentation must
> exist that breaks it down into areas of functionality.

Still not sure what you're asking for. You'd be better off
telling us what you're trying to accomplish rathter than what
you think you need from us in order to accomplish it.

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