Re: Library functions vs System calls
Date: 04/16/05

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    Date: 16 Apr 2005 16:09:20 GMT

    In comp.os.linux.development.system Peter T. Breuer <> wrote:

    | No - I'm competent and I have never read a single posix document, so
    | there is no reason why I shuld know (or care) what internal jargon they
    | have invented to express common concepts.


    | OK - I'm willing to do that, and in turn you can be unlazy enough to
    | express yourself without the use of jargon. It's easy - try it.


    | No. It's a simple concept. I'm sure you can take it on board. Never,
    | never, use jargon.

    One man's "jargon" is another community's "terminology". Choose to
    speak the new language, or not.

    OTOH, sometimes the "terminology" is not well standardized, and too
    often overloaded (too many different meanings for the same word).

    |> The term "cancellation point" is obfuscated?! Wtf?!
    | Yep. If you mean "point during its execution at which a thread may be
    | terminated", say so. Why you have to use "cancellation" for
    | "termination", I do not know, nor do I know why you have to invent a
    | special term for the idea. But one may argue that "execution" and
    | "termination" and "thread" are also jargon. Thus ...

    I can't comment on the specific term, because it is not an area I have
    been involved in. But if I do get involved in it, it is my responsibility
    to learn the terms, even if they can be confused with usage of the very
    same terms in other areas. It isn't necessarily easy, but in order to
    communicate effectively, it must be done.

    Writing documents and comments about technology cannot be done effectively
    by wording out definitions in place of all terminology.

    Whether or not the terms argued here are, or are not, standard terminology
    for this area (threads), I do not know. If they are, learn them. If they
    are not, support that case (but don't argue that it is jargon just because
    you don't know what they mean ... if most people dealing with this area
    don't know what they mean then you have a case).

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