wheres the linux partition info stored in the linux kernel source?

Date: 10/04/05

Date: 4 Oct 2005 00:41:28 -0700

Hi Everybody,
            I am working on Montavista linux kernel 0.3.0(most
probably). :-) Busybox modules are also fused in the kernel.
When the kernel boots up I find that there are 4 partitions
there(rootfs: /dev/ram0: 7Mb and /mnt/mtd2(flash):4Mb,
/mnt/application:13Mb). I want to reduce this /mnt/application to be
arnd 10Mb and increase the /dev/ram0 to some 10Mb. The 2 partitions are
on the ram. I want to know the place in the kernel source where this
information is kept and how to modify this. Is this info in the
If anybody can infuse any idea on this, I'll be grateful.

Thanks n Regards,