Problems with remap_pfn_range & 2.6.15 & up?


I currently have a module for a PCI device that maps system memory to
user space with remap_pfn_range(). The system memory is acquired
through dma_alloc_coherent (i.e. _get_free_pages). The driver works
fine on all 2.4 kernels and has been tested on 2.6 kernels up to
2.6.12. The failure only occurs on 2.6.15 & 2.6.16.

The issue occurs when the application exists and/or the file descriptor
is closed. Sometimes kernel log messages appear regarding a page count
being invalid (-1). So, it must be when the VM attempts to release
page mappings.

I've tested with removing the VM_RESERVED flag, but I think
remap_pfn_range sets that anyway. I've tested with setting & not
setting PG_reserved on the allocated pages. I've verified the
parameters to remap_pfn_range. The size is 64k, the physical address
is page shifted, etc.

There obviously was a change in 2.6.15 with remap_pfn_range, even in
the rc releases. I've read through the logs regarding the changes and
about the new vm_insert_page() function. My driver simply maps
contiguous system pages to user space.

Has anyone else run into issues with using remap_pfn_range?

Here is some more info:
Line 555 in rmap.c is where the kernel panic is:;file=mm/rmap.c

<0>Eeek! page_mapcount(page) went negative! (-1)
<0> page->flags = 80000404
<0> page->count = 1
<0> page->mapping = 00000000
<0>------------[ cut here ]------------
<0>kernel BUG at mm/rmap.c:560!
<0>invalid opcode: 0000 [#1]
<1>last sysfs file: /devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_setspeed
<4>Modules linked in: Pci9656_dbg(U) autofs4 hidp rfcomm l2cap
bluetooth sunrpc
dm_mirror dm_mod video button battery ac ipv6 lp parport_pc parport
floppy nvram
ehci_hcd uhci_hcd sky2 snd_via82xx gameport snd_ac97_codec
snd_ac97_bus snd_seq
_dummy snd_seq_oss snd_seq_midi_event snd_seq snd_pcm_oss snd_mixer_oss
snd_timer snd_page_alloc snd_mpu401_uart snd_rawmidi snd_seq_device
i2c_viapro s
nd i2c_core soundcore ext3 jbd
<0>CPU: 0
<4>EIP: 0060:[<c014852d>] Not tainted VLI
<4>EFLAGS: 00010286 (2.6.15-1.2054_FC5 #1)
<0>EIP is at page_remove_rmap+0x63/0x7b
<0>eax: ffffffff ebx: c15e7a00 ecx: ef1fcee8 edx: c02fbeaf
<0>esi: b7f97000 edi: ee564e5c ebp: 00000020 esp: ef1fcef4
<0>ds: 007b es: 007b ss: 0068
<0>Process Test (pid: 3493, threadinfo=ef1fc000 task=f7ca5000)
<0>Stack: <0>c15e7a00 c0142db5 00000000 f6b12cd4 ef1fcf60 00340efa
00000000 0000
<0> b7fa7000 ef49bb7c f6af1500 c03e022c 00000000 ffffffff
f6af1554 ef49bb7
<0> b7fa7000 00000000 ef1fcf60 f6af690c f6af1500 ef1fcfa0
c0145644 fffffff
<0>Call Trace:
<0> [<c0142db5>] unmap_vmas+0x285/0x48d [<c0145644>]
<0> [<c01184bd>] mmput+0x1c/0x8f [<c011d012>] do_exit+0x1a5/0x6c8
<0> [<c011d5b9>] sys_exit_group+0x0/0xd [<c0102bc1>]


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