kernel booting

I seem to be having this problem booting again. I'm using lilo now. And
I have renamed the 2.6.16 kernel from bzImage to vmlinuz-2.6.16 and put it
in lilo as such.


Now the rest of the boot info is where I'm confused. My lilo asks for map
and boot. The default is.
boot=/boot/boot.b //RH 7.0

Now the 2.6 kernel creates And vmlinux. What files do
I need to copy from /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot to the /boot directory
other than bzImage to boot the 2.6.16 kernel? There is no map file there so
that must be old from the 2.2 kernel. There is a bootsect there and a
bootsect with extensions .S and .o is the bootsect an executable? Does it
need to go to boot=/boot/bootsect in lilo? What about the map that lilo asks
for? There's also some files the compiled kernel generates called end.S.
What do I need to get copied to where to boot this new kernel?