Re: kernel booting

"Bill Marcum" <bmarcum@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

"lilo" and "/sbin/lilo" are the same if /sbin is in your PATH. In your
other post you said you boot with loadlin. You only need one boot
loader, whether it's loadlin or lilo or grub or something else. If you
use lilo, "boot=" should have the name of a drive or partition, probably
boot=/dev/hda. "install=" would contain the name of the boot sector
file (in versions of lilo before 22.3.)

Ok if I use loadlin does that bypass lilo altogether? I'm using such an
old version of RH that alot could've changed in the kernel since RH 7. I use
whatever version of lilo comes with that distro. I haven't updated it. I
have thought about trying grub. There is no compiled boot.b file in the
2.6.16 kernel files. But my lilo refers to it because of the 2.2 kernel.
Boot.b needs to be replaced with something. Is there any good docs
somewhere concerning the kernel. The 2.6 kernel?