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    ... thing has got iPhone-style WebTV browser device written all over it. ... attaches to without a sellphone company interference. ... file off the main computer on the tablet far away, ... N800 or N810 Linux internet tablet the sellphone company DOESN'T get to ...
  • Re: Reporting tools
    ... I always find it a little suspect when people mention "linux" in context ... It's not that simple because .NET is a local Windows service and client ... a browser connects to the server and identifies the ... Of course you can do this in any language: ...
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    ... That wouldn't explain why the Linux browser chokes on any given ... >>up with the same DNS configurations. ... > although it seems they do work properly with MS requests. ...
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    ... Linux or Windows? ... IE was just another browser in the beginning. ... business is still where the money is and ... > side-effects whatsoever from my Firefox installation. ...
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    ... then it'll actually be that Linux ... proprietary codecs. ... websites use browser sniffing to determine which browser is asking ... out or offered a stream of a different quality. ...