Re: block size more than 4096 in ext2/3

nag wrote:
can any one know how to change the block size >4096 ,i changed it to
1024,2048,4096 by mke2fs tool....but now i want to change more than
4096 ,its not allowing to change ...

You've been given the answer before, when you asked last week. Of
course, since you multiposted to so many groups, you probably missed
the answer you were given.

i think we can extend the block size upto page size(16 bit ) =64k

Blocksize is just one part of the change. The /other/ part will break
compatability with current ext2 and ext3 implementations. But, you
would have known that (along with /which/ parts these are) if you had
read the responses you got the last time you asked.

,,,at least i want to change upto 16k

And I want a million dollars, tax free. I think the chances of you
getting a 16Kb blocksize in ext2 are worse than my getting a free
million bucks. there any way to achieve this..........

Read the previous replies.

Short answer: no, it can't be done (by you, without breaking anything)

presently i'm using redhat version 9(kernel 2.4.20-8)

You have my condolences

Lew Pitcher