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chrb81@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Dear all,

I'm currently thinking about what would be the best way to add a (ISO/
OSI) layer 5 into the linux system.
I would expect applications to directly use this layer instead of the
transport layer - no socket(...) anymore but something different.

What would be the strategy to achieve something like this? Is it
really necessary to modify the kernel or is it sufficient to modifiy
glibc to rewrite socket(...) to introduce my own layer function calls
which in turn do the transport layer calls?

I would really appreciate your ideas/suggestions on this topic

The obvious question would be: is it absolutely necessary to put this into the kernel or could it safely and reliably be implemented in user space?
AFAIK, OSI layer 5, the session layer, is process-related, so I would think it could be implemeneted in a library.

But then, IANANE,

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