Re: Why would top show the processes are using swap when there is no swap space?

jinzishuai@xxxxxxxxx <jinzishuai@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in part:
This is part of the output from "top".
We can confirm that no swap space is used.
However, VIRT=RES+SWAP and SWAP is not zero:
VIRT=2164, RES=1144, SWAP=1020 and 2164=1144+1020

My question is: since there is no space disk, where to swap
to pages to? Thanks a lot.

Two things -- first, did you positively turnoff swap
with `swapoff` and /etc/fstab and `mount` show no swap?

The other is that VIRT=RES+SWAP+MAPPED .
MAPPED is mostly codepages that haven't been
accessed, so don't need to be loaded.

SHR can also make memory accounting difficult.

-- Robert