Retrieving BIOS Tick count equivalent

Rewriting old lptcap DOS software for use with Red Hat Linux; looking
for the
Linux system call that is equivalent to the old DOS "BIOS tick count".

Is there simple way to get this information or do we have to back it
out of something else?

Original DOS code is:

PROC near
push ds
xor ax,ax
mov ds,ax
mov ax,ds:[0x46C]
pop ds

BIOS tick count is timer ticks (1 tick = 54.9254 ms) since midnight in
the current day. In real-mode, this information appears directly
accessible via 0x1A; not so with protected mode.

The immediate objective is to rewrite the GetTickCount lptcap
function. (see .asm code in original post) The bigger challenge is
rewriting lptcap for 32-bit protected Linux.