Re: Linux - retooling from the ground up, for Multicore systems

chrisv wrote:

Peter Köhlmann wrote:

Hadron quacked:

Those "super computers" use, err, a re-tooled Linux.

Oh, were those "re-tooled" versions of Linux approved by your "OSS
Culling Committee", Hadron Quack?

We know that you're a Linux-hating Micro$oft fanboi, "Hadron", but
would you care to list the versions of Linux that could *not* be
described as "re-tooled"?

Gosh, it seems that, "re-tooled" or not, it's still Linux, "Hadron".

Pray tell, Hadron Snot Larry Quark.

Tell us meore. We are all ears. "Re-tooled". Interesting

Surely you're not
so dim as to not realise that. Hint : if Koehlmann mentions something
even remotely technical treat it like a turd on your doorstep. Do not
embrace it and wave it around.

Another fine "true linux advocacy post" from the
"true linux advocate", "kernel hacker", "./configure hero", "emacs user",
"swapfile expert", "X specialist", "CUPS guru", "USB-disk server admin",
"defragger professional", "newsreader magician", "hardware maven", "time
coordinator", "email sage", "tripwire wizard", "Pulseaudio rockstar",
"XORG sorcerer", "filesystem pro", "Nathans second chance evangelist" and
"OSS culling committee chairman" Hadron Quark, aka Hans Schneider, aka
Richard, aka Damian O'Leary, aka Steve Townsend, aka Ubuntu King

Leave it to "true Linux advocate" Hadron Quark to downplay the great
power of Free and Open Software - the ability to build-upon the work
of others and create a tool that is "perfect" for the task.

No wonder so many Linux users laugh at the Hadron self-confessed troll.
He *really* loves to show his ignorance of Linux, & downplays/denigrates
the OS whenever he can.

Surely you are not comparing the
non-existent Linux (at that time)
with Windows 98?
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Linux: "looks quite amateurish"
One would hope it does look like the work of amateurs since they are
indeed amateurs most of the time.
Hadron Quack - Tue, 18 Nov 2008 - COLA