Re: Kernel drops UDP datagrams between interface and process

On Apr 16, 7:53 am, phil-news-nos...@xxxxxxxx wrote:

OSPF just updates the routing tables when you have a bunch of machines
on the same network.  But the route tables are already correct, so OSPF
in this simple case is pointless.  OSPF solves the problem of getting
packets to the correct machine.  That isn't a problem that needs a
solution because packets already get to the correct machine.

The challenge is getting packets to the correct machine when the
possible routes to that machine may change. OSPF is specifically made
to do exactly this.

The classic way to do interface failover is by adjusting the routing
tables so that the route to the service's IP address no longer points
to the address of the interface that failed. That keeps the switches
(and ARP) out of the failover mechanism which is a good thing, since
they're not designed to do that.


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