Re: [ann] Microblaze uClinux Demo released

From: Antti Lukats (
Date: 08/26/03

Date: 25 Aug 2003 22:51:54 -0700

[mbvanilla on ml300 with linux image.bin?]
> It will indeed work - the demo bit file is just mbvanilla targetting the
> V2MB1000. Just make sure you keep the address map the same, eg the
> location of your main RAM bank, which the kernel expects to find at
> 0x80000000, for 16 Mb. Also the bootloader expects there to be
> AMD-style flash at 0xFF000000. The source of the bootloader comes with
> the mbvanilla project so you should have no trouble changing that if
> necessary.

ml300 has (lots of things) +
it is possible to preload the RAM from compact flash, so there is no
need for flash, and if the linux image expects to see the flash its
a problem :( I really would not like to write a ip core that 'emulates'
the non existing flash

I have looked at mb ulinux several times, but while working on w2k
workstation it looks very complicated to get all the things to compile.

PS I also have memec board with S2 600E and comm160 module there it
would possible be easier to get the mbvanilla and image.bin to work.

but,,, the flash on p160comm is not AMD?

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