Re: [ann] Microblaze uClinux Demo released

From: John Williams (
Date: 08/26/03

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    Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 16:27:11 +1000

    Antti Lukats wrote:
    > [mbvanilla on ml300 with linux image.bin?]
    >>It will indeed work - the demo bit file is just mbvanilla targetting the
    >>V2MB1000. Just make sure you keep the address map the same, eg the
    >>location of your main RAM bank, which the kernel expects to find at
    >>0x80000000, for 16 Mb. Also the bootloader expects there to be
    >>AMD-style flash at 0xFF000000. The source of the bootloader comes with
    >>the mbvanilla project so you should have no trouble changing that if
    > ml300 has (lots of things) +
    > DDR RAM (no FLASH)
    > it is possible to preload the RAM from compact flash, so there is no
    > need for flash, and if the linux image expects to see the flash its
    > a problem :(

    Yes that should be fine. You should could pre-load the ram from CF,
    then jump immediately to 0x80000000, skipping the bootloader entirely.

    > I really would not like to write a ip core that 'emulates'
    > the non existing flash

    Well it's just a Xilinx ext . mem controller core, nothing fancy there,
    but I get your point :)

    > I have looked at mb ulinux several times, but while working on w2k
    > workstation it looks very complicated to get all the things to compile.

    yeah.. building linux kernels under cygwin is not for the faint hearted!

    > antti
    > PS I also have memec board with S2 600E and comm160 module there it
    > would possible be easier to get the mbvanilla and image.bin to work.

    That would be cool, haven't heard of anyone running uclinux on a spartan

    > but,,, the flash on p160comm is not AMD?

    Correct, I think it's from Toshiba, but it implements the AMD command set.

    In recent progress (ie 20 minutes ago!), I just succesfully mounted a
    JFFS2 file system on the flash, so now microblaze uclinux supports
    wear-levelling flash-based persistent storage...

    next step is getting the xilinx ethernet mac working and integrated into
    mbvanilla, then see what sort of a job montavista did on the linux
    driver for it...



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