Re: [ann] Microblaze uClinux Demo released

From: John Williams (
Date: 08/26/03

Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 16:40:22 +1000

John Williams wrote:
> Antti Lukats wrote:
>> [mbvanilla on ml300 with linux image.bin?]
>>> It will indeed work - the demo bit file is just mbvanilla targetting
>>> the V2MB1000. Just make sure you keep the address map the same, eg
>>> the location of your main RAM bank, which the kernel expects to find
>>> at 0x80000000, for 16 Mb. Also the bootloader expects there to be
>>> AMD-style flash at 0xFF000000. The source of the bootloader comes
>>> with the mbvanilla project so you should have no trouble changing
>>> that if necessary.
>> ml300 has (lots of things) +
>> it is possible to preload the RAM from compact flash, so there is no
>> need for flash, and if the linux image expects to see the flash its
>> a problem :(
> Yes that should be fine. You should could pre-load the ram from CF,
> then jump immediately to 0x80000000, skipping the bootloader entirely.

Oh one problem with this approach, the demo kernel image includes the
MTD flash drivers, and they will be expecting to see some flash at
0xff000000. Shouldn't be fatal, you might just get some complaints when
it boots up.

I'm happy to make a custom image for you to play with, just tell me how
you want it configured. It only takes a few minutes.