Re: Help Required to port MPEG Decoder,TCP/IP Stack, with UC/OS II Linux 2.0.38 onto an ARM Board

From: Lewin A.R.W. Edwards (
Date: 01/27/04

Date: 27 Jan 2004 13:22:25 -0800

> I have a project Deadline to Meet:
> I have to port a TCP/IP Stack,an MPEG decoder onto an ARM Board with
> UC/OSII as the OS.Pls let me know the following Things:
> 1)WHat is porting and How do i go abt it.
> 2)What are the books and docs I shud refer for this
> 3)How mucb Time do u think it will take

If you have to ask these questions, the answer to 3) is "somewhere
between one month and two years".

Since the TCP/IP stack is pretty useless without an underlying driver
of some kind (be that Ethernet, or a PPP implementation), figure that
into your equation too.