Minimizing X to load faster

From: Surge (
Date: 02/03/04

Date: 3 Feb 2004 09:00:36 -0800


I have the following task to accomplish and I want to hear ideas of
the people on what can be done (or what else can I read to accomplish
what I want):

A company I'm working for is building a device which will run linux
with an lcd display and there several requirements:

1. Device should boot as fast as possible
2. X should load and operate very fast
3. The only application without any window managers that will be run
will be Borland Kylix3 (Delphi) developed, Qt based.
4. The graphics chip be a version of Via Savage chip.
5. Whole system should fit if possible on 1 256Mb bootable USB Key/CF

What has been accomplished so far and what I want to improve:
0. A Linux system has been built based on Linux From Scratch 5.0 +
some BLFS
1. X was compiled with support of fontconfig/freetype -
however since Qt2.3.0 that Kylix uses doesn't support anti-aliasing I
wonder if it will make any difference if I don't include any of this?
Will it make X faster if it is run without Freetype/Fontconfig?
2. Current space taken by X is 128Mb which unacceptable what can be
deleted from it? I can't understand how people were able to fit X in
less then 5Mb in the past.
3. X takes 5+ seconds to start - absolutely unacceptable
4. How to hide the "X" cursor and change the grey grid image to some
bitmap or just plain color right from the start/permanently?
5. Is it possible (and how?) to strip different parts of X like
Networking functionality support, multiple display support, etc, etc.
X will run only 1 application with 1 window nothing more. If it was
possible I would have tried DirectFB as it is a better choice for our
platform but because of the Kylix Qt application limitation - it is

Other then this other questions that I'm researching right now are:
1. possiblity to statically compile all loaded applications... Will
this improve boot/operation speed?
2. compressing some part of the distribution and loading it into RAM
memory at boot (we have plenty (256Mb of RAM)) - I was unable to find
any way to do this yet

Any comments, links, book referrals are really appreciated.

Thank you in advance,