Is embedded Linux the right solution?

From: Ben (
Date: 02/14/04

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    Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 15:08:40 +0000

    I am hoping to build a device using the Cypress EZ-HOST chip that
    basically acts as a USB host, extracts data from a USB mass storage
    device and sends it on demand to a codec chip. It will also have some
    form of diagnostic display, probably an LCD.

    At the heart of the EZ-HOST is Cypress' CY16 RISC processor with 4K x 16
    internal ROM, which contains a built-in BIOS, and 8K x 16 internal RAM
    for code and data buffering. It also has support for external memory.

    This device will be a prototype and I need to balance the cost of
    additional hardware carefully with development time.

    As a result, I should be grateful if someone could assist with the

    i) Would implementing embedded Linux, such as uClinux, be feasible
    with this chip?

    ii) Does embedded Linux function just like "regular Linux" in respect
    of USB mass storage devices? IE automatically register them as, for
    example, /dev/sda ?

    iii) How much memory should I expect embedded Linux to need?

    iv) Can I expect implementing embedded Linux to speed up development
    significantly over implementing my own firmware using the built-in BIOS?

    v) Has anyone got any experience with the Cypress EZ-HOST / CY16?

    Sorry for all the questions! :-)

    Many thanks,


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