Emacs alternative

Date: 02/18/04

Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 10:07:41 +0100

I am working on an embedded project and I have decided to keep it relatively
generic. I am using gdb and gdbserver with the DDD shell for debugging,
which works pretty well for me, but for writing code the Emacs editor drives
me crazy. It is very classic, neat, clean and simple and most importantly
pretty well integrated with the gcc command line compiler. However,
absolutely no keystrokes besides the regular letters and digits are the
present standard neither in the GUI Linux world nor in the Windows world.
Since I am using both it's a pain in the ..... Whenever I hit the home key
to go to the start of the line it jumps to the start of the file, find is
called search and I haven't found a short cut for it yet and so on and on.

Isn't there are more modern editor available that integrates equally well
with the gcc compiler but still stays neat, clean and simple but STANDARD?
Something like a GUI Emacs.

Any suggestion is appreciated.