Tutorial on Device Drivers

From: Prasad (payyalas1_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 02/26/04

Date: 25 Feb 2004 23:16:11 -0800

Here is a tutorial on Device Drivers (www.ayyalasoft.com/vxDrv.zip).
I am planning to write an equivalent tutorial for startes in Linux.
Any comments are welcome.
Also if you are looking for some one to do embedded developement in
(LSP/Device drivers, feel free to contact me).
I am knowledgable and hands on both in Linux and VxWorks.
I will help you understand if Linux is the right solution for your
need or not.
I am available for cosulatncy for $60/hour (I used to charge $100.00,
Linux guys need discount:-))
Willing to travel.

I have good knowldge of ethernet/Ip/Sonet/T1/Fpgas and PowerPc.
Have good references too.