Re: Compact flash; is it hot lugable

From: Wolfgang Denk (
Date: 02/27/04

Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 01:27:43 GMT

Alpinekid <> writes:

> I was wondering if the compact flash is actually hot pluggable?

No, it is not. Actually you can easily kill your CF card by removing
it while a write operation is in progress.

>I know the USB spec says that the USB device itself is hot pluggable.

This is something different. If you unplug the USB device while a
write operation to CF is in progress the CF card may die all the

>I was also wondering if all USB devices are actually hot pluggable or
>have some manufactures cheated.

I wouldn't hold my breath here.

>I realize that I still have to do the right thing in linux and unmount
>the device before unplugging. No device can protect me from that kind of


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