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From: Martin Henne (
Date: 03/11/04

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    Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 13:56:03 +0100

    Jessie wrote:

    > Hi All,
    > I plan to install embedded linux on my compag iPaq, and do some
    > development work for my project. I just started research in this
    > field, and have several questions:
    > 1. I found two popular linux- familiar and Opie, which one is better?
    > has anybody done comparisions between these two?

    Opie (see [6]) can run on top of familiar. Consider OpenZaurus [7]
    or OpenEmbedded as an alternative solution to familiar, which
    comes with Opie [6] as well and may run on the ipaq (unsure).

    Unfortunately, i don't know familiar, so I cannot provide comparisons.

    > 2. Can any open source software which claims support Linux platform be
    > ported to Embedded Linux withought any changes? What the procedure to
    > install such software on Embedded Linux?

    It depends. If you run X on your PDA (which is usually not the case),
    many applications should work and are already ported. There's a
    debian distribution (unofficial) for arm PDAs [8].

    But native Linux applications to not fit well on a PDA, because you
    have a smaller screen and no mouse with three buttons and so on.

    You should use downscaled applications, that take better care
    for CPU and RAM ressources. They provide a better usability on

    > 3. What is the development environment for Embedded Linux? Do you know
    > any good resources?

    On the PDA itself, you can try zgcc [5], which was actually made for
    the Zaurus, but maybe it works on the ipaq, too. It has all you need
    to build and compile Qt/Embedded applications directly on your PDA,
    without any PC.

    On the PC side, you can download Qt/Embedded for free. It comes with
    a kind of an 'emulator' (not really, but it looks like one), called
    "Q virtual frame buffer" (qvfb) that allows you to develop your
    application on the PC.

    later, you can cross-compile it for ARM and build and IPK.

    Setting up a cross compiler could be very annoying. I've never
    made it myselft, but I found good precompiled cross compiler
    environments on the net ([2], [3]) and they fit my needs perfectly.

    I placed some links at the end of my posting.

    > Your reply is very important for me to get started in the Embedded
    > Linux world. Thank you!

    This world needs you. Welcome.

    Links you might try:

    (You are ready to start by only downloading [2] and [3])

    [5] \


    martin.henne <at>

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